Max Keiser says NO Altcoin rally coming, BTC going to +80% dominance

01 Jul, 2019
by David Borman
Max Keiser says NO Altcoin rally coming, BTC going to +80% dominance

Recently Max Keiser was on CNBC's Crypto Trader discussing with host Ran Neu-Ner on why he thinks that this time there isn't going to be an Altcoin rally that follows the Bitcoin bull run.

When asked frankly if there is going to be an Altcoin run, Keiser makes it very clear immediately that he doesn't think there will be. He explains that last time around people were experimenting with Altcoins simply because they were impatient with Bitcoin development, but now with the rise of things like Lightning Network and more people understanding crypto, money is returning to Bitcoin as the best store of value.

He cites the hashrate of the Bitcoin network as being evidence of its value, and then speaks poorly of Bitcoin forks Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV.

He wraps up by saying that Bitcoin's dominance will eventually reach "80-90%" because "that's the only logical place for anyone who wants to be in crypto to be and Altcoins, the short answer is, in my view, the Altcoin phenomenon is finished."

The claim is bold and may be underestimating some very ambitous projects out there, but ultimately history will decide if Altcoins have their day in the sun again. In the meantime stick with Chepicap for all updates!

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