Bitcoin falls below $10,000: What's next?

01 Jul, 2019
by Will Heasman
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Bitcoin falls below $10,000: What's next?

As bitcoin falls through $10k down below 5 figures once more, the analysts of crypto Twitter gather their thoughts to provide a rough estimation of what they believe may be in store for the next few days.

Just a few moments ago Bitcoin fell below $10,000, Right now bitcoin is trading around $10060, just $60 away from breaching into four figures once again.

BTC/USD Chart provided by Tradingview 

The last few days have been fairly troubling for the crypto community, specifically for investors who are left wonder what the fickle market will do next.

Aiding a helping hand are the usual suspects, the analysts, and traders of crypto Twitter who are forever attempting to augur what might be ahead for BTC.

Luke Martin noted that Bitcoin’s failure to hold around 11.4k support is one of the reasons for this latest plunge, adding that further support will cushion Bitcoin at around $9,800.

Taking the more pessimistic view, DonAlt suggest that BTC would retrace further than anyone expects, adding that alts will also suffer majorly as a result:

Saving us from complete FUD is Crypto-ED-NL who believes that BTC will bounce and start a new cycle to a new all-time high, adding, likely with tongue firmly in his cheek, that this will happen before alts realize they’re meant to pump as Bitcoin corrects:

Similarly looking at the glass half full, the crypto monk suggests that this could be a further buy opportunity:

Keeping the positivity going, is The Wolf Of All Streets who noted that this is one of the first times alts have stayed relatively stable (Vs BTC value) as Bitcoin takes a dip:

What do you think? Will Bitcoin hold at the next levels of support or will we see even more pain than first thought? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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