Justin Sun's $4.5 million lunch with Warren Buffett taking place on July 25

01 Jul, 2019
by Richard Allen
Justin Sun's $4.5 million lunch with Warren Buffett taking place on July 25

Justin Sun, founder of TRON has revealed some more details regarding his lunch with Warren Buffett. According to a post on Medium, Sun has picked San Francisco’s Quince, a “three-Michelin starred restaurant” for July 25th.

“My team looked at many restaurants in the city, on the hunt for an intimate and amazing setting for me and up to seven guests to have both a great conversation and great food with Buffett,” Sun said. "After narrowing the choices to three, I ultimately chose Quince because its food represents the traditional and the upstart — much like the participants in the lunch itself.”

Acknowledging the community’s question of what Sun hopes to achieve through the lunch, the BitTorrent CEO states that he hopes it will serve “to bridge the divide between the blockchain industry and traditional investors.” Sun further expressed his interest in discussing Buffett’s investment strategies and what his guests’ plans for the future are.

“For the TRON and BitTorrent community, I’ll talk to Buffett and other attendees about how we’re integrating blockchain into BitTorrent, with its 100 million monthly active users and what we’re doing to expand and nurture the TRON blockchain,” he continued.

Sun states they will give a community press conference to provide an update on what was discussed before ending off with a party to celebrate the one year anniversary of TRON’s independence and Sun’s purchase of BitTorrent.

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