Brave browser users will be able to tip BAT on Reddit and Vimeo

30 Jun, 2019
by David Robb
Brave browser users will be able to tip BAT on Reddit and Vimeo

Users of the Brave browser will soon be seeing their options for sending and receiving crypto expand. Reddit and Vimeo are the latest sites to be integrated into Brave's eco-system.

The Brave browser is part of the same eco-system as Basic Attention Token (BAT). It is designed to solve the problem of content monetization online by allowing people to earn BAT tokens by enabling ads while they browse sites, and its Brave Rewards system also enables direct sending and receiving of BAT between users and content creators. This feature was recently enabled for Twitter, Twitch and YouTube.

Someone on Reddit pointed out that the version of the Brave web browsing software they are using now shows the 'Tip' icon, at the bottom of each post on the hugely popular content aggregator. Another user claimed that video streaming site Vimeo now also has this same Brave Rewards functionality on its posts, when browsing with Brave.

These software versions were apparently developers' preview versions of Brave, still in beta testing, and a developer commented on the thread to confirm that the main release would support direct tipping on these sites within the next few weeks. According to the Reddit thread, and a recent Twitter poll carried out by Brave Brendan Eich, GitHub is likely to be the next site that will integrate the reward feature.

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