John McAfee feels soon "the real winners" of this rally will be Altcoins

26 Jun, 2019
by David Borman
John McAfee feels soon the real winners of this rally will be Altcoins

After Bitcoin managed to push above $12,000 recently, John McAfee took to twitter to promote the notion that even though Bitcoin is doing well, it is the coming Altcoin rally that we really should be getting ready for.

Of course, some on twitter had a bone to pick about which coins would be the best performers when the Altcoin rally comes, which McAfee mostly scoffed at:

McAfee made no qualms about the fact that he felt Docademic (MTC), a coin which aims to revolutionize healthcare, would be the big winner in this rally:

Another poster made a case for why MTC should continue to see a rise in the future:

Whatever coins succeed, there is a good chance that we will soon see a pump in Altcoins as the Bitcoin rally eventually runs out of steam. When that will be remains to be seen, but stick here with Chepicap for all updates!

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