Square's Cash App is now allowing users to deposit BTC to their wallet

25 Jun, 2019
by David Borman
Square's Cash App is now allowing users to deposit BTC to their wallet

It is being reported by Coindesk that the popular Square Cash app has begun to allow users to deposit Bitcoin into their App wallet, which until now could only be withdrawn from.

When the app launched in late 2017, users had the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin, as well as to send it to a personal wallet of their choosing. However there was previously no way to send Bitcoin to the Cash App, though the feature was long promised.

Now, word is spreading that the feature has been enabled, and this is being reported by users across twitter:

This has also been independently confirmed by at least one Chepicap editor.

It does seem that not quite everyone has the deposits enabled just yet, as some users are reporting they see no option suggesting its availability.

In any event, the feature should soon be available to all, and this will make the Cash App a more attractive trading vehicle for at least some users, who may have been unimpressed with the "one-way" nature of the previous arrangement.

Will more features or coins be coming to the Cash App? Stick with Chepicap for all updates!

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