Whale alert: whales move 10,210 Bitcoin worth $116 million in last 2 hours

25 Jun, 2019 | Updated: 25 Jun, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Whale alert: whales move 10,210 Bitcoin worth $116 million in last 2 hours

As the world's number one crypto steadily continues to show its upward price movement around the $11,350 mark, whales are waking up again, ready to throw their weight around the crypto ecosystem.

Whales are moving a total of 10,210 BTC, worth a massive $116 million, between unknown wallet to unknown wallet and this within a 2-hour time frame.

The ever-vigilant Twitter account known as Whale Alert has noted three major BTC whale movements today, the first of which occurred less than 2 hours ago, worth almost $47 million, for a total of 4,126 BTC.

The second movement followed quickly, showing a move of 3,079 BTC, worth $34,865,059, as well between unknown wallet to unknown wallet.

The last reported whale transfer, occured within an hour later, and showed a move of another 3,005 BTC, worth a total of $34,5 million.

At the time of writing it is unclear where these transfers are headed and if they are indeed on their way to any of the cryptocurrency exchanges, which could indicate that this whale, or multiple whales, might be getting ready to dump this huge stack of BTC's on the market.

Last month Chepicap reported on the one Bitcoin whale transaction that stood out and saw a total of 25160 BTC - a USD equivalent of approximately $213 million at the time of the transfer – move from an unknown wallet to Coinbase.

As a result of the transfer, a fairly major BTC correction followed swiftly. Bitcoin slipped almost 9% in the space of an hour, down from $8,480 at to a low of $7,748.

Could we see a similar situation due to these recent movements and see yet another significant impact to the Bitcoin price?

Let us know what you think in the poll below.

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