"Nuke it from space" says National Review writer on Facebook's Libra

24 Jun, 2019
by Richard Allen
Nuke it from space says National Review writer on Facebook's Libra

Facebook’s announcement of its upcoming cryptocurrency elicited many heated reactions from the crypto verse and the political space alike. However, none were more feverish than that of Michael Brendan Dougherty, the National Review Online senior writer, CCN reports.

Dougherty criticized the government for not taking harsh enough steps against Libra and the threat it poses to the US dollar. As such, Dougherty believes a nuclear strike is the most appropriate course of action.

Doughtery relayed these comments during a recent episode of The Editors, a podcast of conservative media publication National Review.

The conversation began with the hosts discussing US Senator Josh Hawley’s proposed internet censorship bill. The Ending Support for Internet Censorship Act would require social media firms like Facebook to prove that their algorithms and content-removal policies are “politically neutral” in order to continue receiving immunity from traditional publisher liabilities.

Critics have stated that the Act is “unconstitutional” and would “break the internet,” and, as such, is unlikely to ever become law. Dougherty, however, has actually criticized Hawley for not going far enough in protecting US sovereignty against an “unaccountable spy agency” that’s gearing up to launch its own cryptocurrency.

“In one way, the bill doesn’t go far enough. The government’s appropriate response to an enormous, unaccountable spy agency that’s launching a currency that it wants to compete with the US dollar, is to nuke it from space,” he said, chuckling. “And the fallout should land wherever it does across California. I don’t care anymore.”

While the comments were a joke, it does highlight Dougherty’s (and many others’) distrust of Mark Zuckerburg and his social media goliath.

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