XRP up 11%, will it copy BTC's performance?

22 Jun, 2019
by Joeri Cant
XRP up 11%, will it copy BTC's performance?

Most of the top cryptocurrencies are well in the green today, while both the world's number one crypto and XRP are leading the top 10 with around 11% gains on the day.

As Bitcoin is trading close to $11,000 mark, the second most popular altcoin, XRP, is currently trading at around $0.48 per coin, while showing an impressive gain of more than 11% on the day.

Although there is a notable spike in activity, and XRP bulls are clearly in control for now, the price is still struggling below the 50 cents. It will be essential that bulls generate enough momentum, thrusting the XRP prices above 50 cents with high transaction volumes.

One crypto trader and XRP enthusiast took to tradingview to suggest that Ripple's XRP is ready for a break out, where it could go as high as $0.64 in the next coming days.

In the midst of the Libra and Facebook hype, it will be of high importance that Ripple's XRP enthusiasts remain confident that Ripple will survive through Libra's disruption and even thrive in its position as a cheaper alternative for the unbanked. 

As long as the bulls stay in control, XRP might continue its upward price movements, and surprise even the most stubborn naysayers.

As one XRP traders states: XRP always runs last and always runs the hardest!

Will XRP copy BTC's performance? Let us know what you think in the poll below.

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Will XRP copy BTC's performance?

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