Trader feels right now may be "last opportunity to buy BTC below $10k"

21 Jun, 2019
by David Borman
Trader feels right now may be last opportunity to buy BTC below $10k

Popular twitter crypto trader Plan₿‏ shared today the sentiment that Bitcoin may be setting up to be under 5 digits for possibly the last time ever. Though it is not certain that once BTC breaks 10K that we will never return below it, many traders do think it is likely.

Plan₿‏ points out how the 200 week Moving Average (MA) is rising at 5.6%, a level we haven't seen since the beginning of the previous bull run. Like many traders, it seems Plan₿‏ feels that once we break through the $10,000 mark, we will never be going back to 4 digits again.

Of course some of the analyst's followers weighed in with questions or observations of their own:

As is always the case, some were critical of this analysis and felt it is being overly generous to Bitcoin:

Whether you agree or not, the prospect of being possibly hours away from seeing sub-10K prices for the last time feels historic. On the other hand, if there were a major pullback we could easily still spend more time in the 4 digits. Whether the price goes up or down, be sure to stick here with Chepicap for all updates!

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Is this really the last chance for sub-10K Bitcoin?

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