Once BTC breaks $11,700, nothing will stop it from hitting $20,000

21 Jun, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Once BTC breaks $11,700, nothing will stop it from hitting $20,000

Trader Josh Rager suggested that once the world's most popular cryptocurrency breaks above the $11,700 price mark, nothing will stand in its way to surge all the way to $20,000.

The popular crypto analyst on Twitter, Josh Rager, suggested that it is important for Bitcoin to break above the $11,700 price level, which would send it to new-all-time-highs, without any significant resistance levels keeping it back.

In a recent tweet, the crypto trader spoke about the importance of this price level, pointing out the minimal levels of resistance between the $14,000 and the $16,000 price mark, which wouldn't be able to stop Bitcoin's surge in its tracks.

'Bullish sentiment & greed will propel price action to new highs & accumulating under $11,700 will be key, imo', rager adds.

Chepicap recently reported that Rager's main reason to trade Bitcoin is because in the past 10 years there hasn't been any other market that has comes close to its ROI.

He further suggested that BTC might see a potential return of around 2,392%, which would put BTC's price at an impressive price point of $78,500 per Bitcoin by the year 2022.

Once FOMO sets in, many believe that Bitcoin will enters the five-digit range once again. Even, Tyler Winklevoss, said yesterday that once the number one cryptocurrency breaks the $10,000, 'you can bet it's going to break 15k'.

Exciting times are ahead!

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