Ethereum Classic (ETC) to release new Atlantis upgrade in September

20 Jun, 2019
by David Robb
Ethereum Classic (ETC) to release new Atlantis upgrade in September

The team behind Ethereum hardfork Ethereum Classic (ETC) has announced its roadmap for the next network upgrade. The blockchain's new code should be implemented in mid-September.

The latest ETC upgrade is intended to boost chain interoperability between the Ethereum Classic and Ethereum networks, allowing dApps to be migrated from one network to another.

Developers have managed to agree on 10 Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs), after an initial disagreement back in May. A number of Asia-based Ethereum Classic miners and crypto exchanges were previously pushing for a July 1 launch date for the hardfork.

According to a blogpost, ETC developers are "upgrading the Classic Geth Client in collaboration with ChainSafe Systems, and in cooperation with ECC, Parity, IOHK, and the ETC community. The ETC Labs Core dev team has also made major contributions to Multi-Geth in preparation for Atlantis". Atlantis should be activated on block 8,772,000, which will likely be mined around 1200 UTC on September 17.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) was affected by one of the most high-profile 51 percent attacks, back in January of this year, but its reputation as a network barely suffered from the hack.

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