Antonopoulos warns after $250K offer: "FOMO in the air, newbies joining in"

20 Jun, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Antonopoulos warns after $250K offer: FOMO in the air, newbies joining in

Andreas Antonopoulos, well known Bitcoin advocate and highlighted Crypto Twitter (CT) personality, took out today to the social network of choice for all things crypto in order to publicize the latest to recruit him for different crypto projects.

Antonopoulos delved into the issue of paid promotion by crypto influencers with a thread about the topic. The high fees being offered to him and others, self-reportedly ranging between $25k and $250k, are just the tip of the iceberg of scam strategies, according to his own tweet:

The frequency of requests for paid promotion, between 10 to 15 on a daily basis, is apparently serving to Antonopoulos as a foundation to ground his reasoning for the latest increase in scammers as a sign for market recovery: “last time (a wave of scammers started up) was August-December 2017. The price dump in crypto made them go away and now they´re back”.

Eventually, recommendations from Antonopoulos for the upcoming period of price growth, which foreseeably will be accompanied by an increase in the efforts coming from scammers to steal funds, included staying away of profit promises, requests to recruit and ICO/IEO projects as “99.99% are pump-and-dump”.

In the comments to the thread, user @TyDanielSmith started a rather interesting debate with the Bitcoin personality, arguing that influencer marketing is a commonplace , widely accepted marketing strategy.

Antonopoulos argued that those positions of influence, commonly attached to “education”, should not only be economically recognized through sponsorship-like deals with brands offering goods and services, meanwhile most of the deals are never disclosed.

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