Florida City to pay ransomware hackers 65 BTC to restore computer systems

20 Jun, 2019
by Ryan Boltman
Florida City to pay ransomware hackers 65 BTC to restore computer systems

Riviera Beach city has decided to pay a ransomware fee of 65 BTC to get the city's computer systems back online.

Riviera Beach have decided to pay the ransomware fee required by hackers in order to gain access to their computer systems, according to WPTV.

The Riviera Beach city leaders voted unanimously for the approval to pay the 65 BTC ransom, valued at $600,000. The city's data has been inaccessible following the hack which encrypted the city's data.

Riviera City have recently also confirmed they would spend $1 million to fix compromised computer equipment, however the hack came after the announcement from what they City described as "someone clicked on an email"

The city recently also hired a new IT Director, who will be looking to improve security and data going forward.

Ransomware attacks on companies, government agencies and celebrities have been on the rise in recent years as hackers take advantage of digital asset payment methods.

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