Update Firefox Mozilla now to protect your cryptocurrency

20 Jun, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Update Firefox Mozilla now to protect your cryptocurrency

The Mozilla team has warned its users of a critical flaw which allows hackers to exploit its Firefox browser, where especially crypto coin owners are being targetted.

Mozilla just released a security advisory warning and apparently both the Mozilla’s Firefox and Firefox ESR products are affected. The team released the version 67.0.3 of the Firefox browser to address the critical vulnerability.

'A type confusion vulnerability can occur when manipulating JavaScript objects due to issues in Array.pop', the warning reads.

'This can allow for an exploitable crash', they added. 'We are aware of targeted attacks in the wild abusing this flaw.'

Samuel Groß, a security researcher with Google Project Zero security team, was one of the researchers credited with discovering the critical Firefox vulnerability.

He tweeted that he found and reported the bug on April 15.

Cryptocurrency are most likely among the first to be targeted although the full reach of the issue is unclear and at this point there are no specific details of how the bug has been exploited exactly.

Mozilla does urge its users to update their browsers as soon as possible.

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