Antonopoulos on Facebook's Libra: "This is going to be fun to watch"

19 Jun, 2019
Antonopoulos on Facebook's Libra: This is going to be fun to watch

Following the launch of Facebook's blockchain project called Libra, everyone has had their input into whether or not Libra can compete with Bitcoin and other decentralized projects.

Well known Bitcoin maximalist and blockchain entrepreneur Andreas Antonopoulos tweeted his opinion on Facebook's Libra, stating that "this is going to be fun to watch" 

In the tweet, Antonopoulos also notes that Libra does not compete with any open, public, permissionless, borderless, neutral, censorship-resistant blockchains. The entrepreneur states that Libra will only compete with retail banks and central banks. 

Libra looks set to be the biggest cryptocurrency launch this year, with many touting it as being a competitor to Bitcoin. However, as Antonopoulos states. Libra is not a direct competitor to Bitcoin because it does not offer complete decentralization like Bitcoin does, this could ultimately concern banks who could come under threat from Libras ability to handle payments between over 2 billion users. 

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