Libra's partners list: 26 in by now, 100 expected before launch

18 Jun, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Libra's partners list: 26 in by now, 100 expected before launch

The publication of the Libra whitepaper has cleared the doubts regarding which companies will be teaming up with Facebook on its quest for a digital asset. The Libra stablecoin has already got some strong names behind its back.

Even though Facebook aims at reaching 100 members before Libra’s scheduled launch for the first half of 2020, only 26 of them have made it before the publication of the whitepaper. 

The rhythm of incorporation of new members is expected to speed up in the coming months, as the whitepaper mentions a target of 200 members by 2020. Currently, these are the 26 companies included in the Libra project:


Andreessen Horowitz

Bison Trails

Booking Holdings

Breakthrough Inititatives


Creative Destruction Lab


Facebook/ Calibra






Mercy Corps

Ribbit Capital

Spotify AB

Thrive Capital

Uber Technologies

Union Square Ventures

Vodafone Group

Women’s World Banking

Xapo Holdings

Among the list of confirmed companies, the technologies and marketplaces sector clearly takes the lead. Not only in numbers but also in the entity of the members of the deal. Names such as that of the holidays search engine Booking, the marketplace MercadoPago, widely used all across South and Central America, Spotify, Uber or eBay, are painting a picture in which digital currency spending might be readily available for some very significant transactions of every day’s economies.  Banks however, are quite a loud absence on this list of firms which opted to back a new system of payments and value storage.

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