The North Koreans hackers were not the actor behind Coincheck's hack

18 Jun, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
The North Koreans hackers were not the actor behind Coincheck's hack

All this time, the North Korean hackers, the notorious Lazarus hacker group has been "wrongly accused" as the actor behind the previous Coincheck’s hack. 

The hack that took away $534 million worth of NEM from the Japanese exchange was previously reported to be conducted by Lazarus, as part of efforts to fund the country’s struggle amidst the imposed economic embargo.

A recent report by Asahi Simbun revealed a different fact, though. The Mokes and Netwire malware that were attached to the emails sent to Coincheck employees have been linked back to Russian hacking groups.

They have even appeared on Russian message boards, in more detail, Mokes was seen first in June 2011 on a Russian bulletin board, while Netwire has been around for about 12 years.

Throwing back to when the incident happened, Coincheck refused to provide details on how the hackers successfully penetrated into their system and stole such a huge amount of funds. However, they insisted that it wasn’t an insider’s job, as reported by The Next Web.

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