Peter McCormack seeks deadline extension to file his defense against Wright

17 Jun, 2019
by Richard Allen
Peter McCormack seeks deadline extension to file his defense against Wright

The host of What Bitcoin Did podcast, Peter McCormack has asked for an extension to file his defense against the lawsuit brought against him by self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator, Craig Wright, CoinGeek reports.

McCormack originally had until June 13 to respond to Wright’s libel claims, but his lawyers have since asked the court for a 28-day extension on his behalf following the hospitalization of the lead partner of RPC, the law firm representing McCormack.

The podcaster’s request has been granted on the basis that he covers the costs of the application to get a court order. McCormack has agreed to this and stated he would also pay Wright’s “reasonable costs” that have arisen as a result of his deadline extension. McCormack has planned on raising money through crowdfunding to cover his legal fees, so, while these additional costs aren’t expected to be massive, it may still be a setback.

McCormack now has until July 11 to file his defense.

Wright filed a lawsuit against McCormac in mid-April, accusing the podcaster of writing a series of libelous tweets against him in March and April this year over Wright’s claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

The lawsuit has done little to intimidate McCormack as he recently posted a tweet calling Craig Wright a “lying moron.”

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