XRP could surge to $28 in the next run, says analyst

17 Jun, 2019
by Will Heasman
XRP could surge to $28 in the next run, says analyst

Price predictions are almost always intended to be taken with a pinch of salt (looking at you McAfee). However, once upon a time, $9k per Bitcoin seemed like an insurmountable figure. Now, one analyst has suggested that XRP could more than 100x and reach as high as $28 in the next bull run, is this possible? Or complete conjecture?

The analyst in question, known (fairly ironically) as credible crypto fully believes in the power of XRP, laying out his analysis for what he believes is an impending rally for the Ripple token.

Within a Twitter thread, the analyst notes that back in 2013 Bitcoin (BTC) made a 22x run to a new height of $1200, before a correction in 2014-15 and a period of accumulation until its infamous run to $20k in late 2017.

The analyst compares this price action to that of XRP stating that it is following a similar pattern:

Credible crypto concludes that if XRP continues to follow this predesignated trend, then the next run could see XRP increase by over 100x from its bottom, putting the token at a dizzying height of $28. Eat your heart out, XRP Army.

A price point of that magnitude would bring XRPs market cap to around $1.2 trillion, a level which, for some, is only attainable through XRP becoming a global currency:

Analyst Josh Rager also got involved, suggesting that this kind of price action Bitcoin would have to be at a market cap of around 5 trillion and be hitting at least $200k – $300k per BTC:

As unreasonable as this seems in the short term, stranger things have happened, especially within crypto.

What do you think? Could XRP hit $28 in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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