Charlie Lee will join Justin Sun's Buffett lunch

16 Jun, 2019
by David Robb
Charlie Lee will join Justin Sun's Buffett lunch

Justin Sun has announced that another prominent crypto figure will be joining his upcoming lunch with billionaire Warren Buffett. Litecoin founder Charlie Lee will be turning their eagerly anticipated get-together into a three-way.

Sun made the winning bid at a charity auction in order to get the privilege of chowing down with notorious crypto sceptic and very wealthy man Warren Buffett, dropping around $4.6 million. The money goes towards the GLIDE Foundation, which helps out the homeless as well as people who have been victims of domestic violence. 

Sun sent out invitations to a number of crypto figures to join him in meeting Buffett, some of whom declined. However, Charlie Lee agreed to accompany him at this 10th annual Power of One lunch, which is sponsored by eBay and will take place in San Francisco on July 24. The Tron founder describes Lee as his good friend, and claims that a number of other friends will be joining them.

Lee tweeted that he was excited about this opportunity to meet such a legendary financial titan, and a number of observers on crypto Twitter pointed out that he himself was also deserving of legendary status, although this led to some further debate about the LTC founder's reputation. Some people also suggested other crypto figures who could make an appearance at this upcoming lunch summit.

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