Bitcoin rockets past 1 million daily active users as it sets 2019 high

16 Jun, 2019
by Richard Allen
Bitcoin rockets past 1 million daily active users as it sets 2019 high

As Bitcoin has once again set a new yearly high, hitting prices not seen since May 2018, the amount of daily active users has now surpassed the one million mark, according to data from

As per the data, June 14 recorded 1.03 million active addresses, destroying the previous record of 906.75K daily active users set on June 6. Cryptocurrency analyst Kevin Rooke was one of the first to notice the milestone, using the opportunity to take a dig at those who say no one uses Bitcoin:

Rooke gave some more interesting information, stating:

The daily active address metric records the number of unique sender and receiver addresses active in a 24 hour period. It’s an important metric as it shows that actual and unique transfers are happening on the network, which is far different than regular transfers to and from exchanges.

The news comes at a time when a recent study by Chainalysis stated that just 1.3% of Bitcoin transactions are payments, with the remaining 98.7% occurring on exchanges.

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