Bulls are back in play! BTC ready to break $9,000

16 Jun, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Bulls are back in play! BTC ready to break $9,000

Bitcoin started to leap forward again after a week of consolidation, from an intraday low of around $8,200, surging towards its current price of around $8,970.

Although many crypto experts continued to anticipate a selloff and larger correction, the world's number one cryptocurrency, once again, has denied them this reality.

At this very moment the bulls are back in play, as BTC is seemingly finding its way to break above the $9,000 price level.

BTC surged from an intraday low of around $8,200 on Friday, breaking this resistance level, to a high of $8,970 today. Bitcoin's surge had the usual effect of lifting most of the altcoin market with it.

Bitcoin volume is currently sitting at 18.5 billion.

BTC/USD chart provided by Tradingview

Crypto Twitter is waiting in anticipation for BTC to break the $9,000 price level once again.

Trader Josh Rager pointed out that the weekly close above $8,740 could actually be a sign of a continuation to new yearly highs.

Others are taking to Twitter to share their views on where BTC could end up by the end of the weekend.

But most are just happy they can bring out the the all-famous vegeta memes once again.

Just for the record, at publishing time, BTC is trading at $8,997.18. Here we go!

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