Bitcoin looking to retest 2019 high? 'Next target $11,500', says analyst

15 Jun, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Bitcoin looking to retest 2019 high? 'Next target $11,500', says analyst

As the world's number one cryptocurrency might be looking to retest its 2019 high of $9,000, one analyst suggests that BTC's next target will be around the $11,500 price level.

The crypto analyst, CryptoFido, took to Tradingview, to suggest that the world's most popular crypto coin might have the momentum required to push through the $9,000 price mark.

According to the crypto trader, BTC might push its 2019 high all the way up to around the $11,500 price level.

In his analysis, CryptoFido, pointed out that BTC hit his predicted T1 at $8,693 exactly, and that Bitcoin is currently heading towards his T2 at the $10,153 price mark.

'BTC is getting ready to complete last Eliott Impulse wave.. biggest and Longest ever! Highest Targets at $11,50', he stated.

'MY TA.. $BTC T1 at 8,693 reached On a Lev of 100x it's 866% ROE ;).. wait for T2 at 10k then T3 at 11.5k.'

The crypto analyst shared his analysis in response to another crypto trader, going by the Twitter handle 360Trader, who claimed that Bitcoin is on its way to test its monthly high.

Trader Crypto Dog in the meanwhile has the feeling that this is 2017 all over again.

One can only hope ... and HODL of course.

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