Florida court rules Craig Wright committed fraud, may be facing prison time

15 Jun, 2019
by Richard Allen
Florida court rules Craig Wright committed fraud, may be facing prison time

Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator may be facing jail time for fraud as documents from a Florida court reveal Wright committed perjury. His defense contradicts an affidavit he previously submitted to an Australian court, CryptoSlate reports.

Aside from his court case with UK podcaster Peter McCormack, Wright is also involved in a lawsuit with Ira Kleiman, brother of the late Daniel Kleiman, Wright’s former business partner. Kleiman is suing Wright for allegedly stealing 1.1 million BTC the two had mined from W&K Info Defense Research, a business Wright and David Kleiman founded and operated.

When Wright refused to reveal his Bitcoin holdings and appear in front of a judge, a Florida court ordered him to attend mediation on June 18 to discuss the allegations against him. Now, court documents have shown that Wright has committed fraud and is now facing up to five years in prison, in addition to numerous fines.

The documents state that after Wright was accused of stealing the 1.1 million BTC, he “filed a sworn declaration that is incontrovertibly false based on an affidavit and supporting evidence he previously submitted to an Australian court.”

The lawsuit states that after David Kleiman’s death, Wright took unlawful possession of the $11 billion worth of BTC and intellectual property of the company. Wright then swore under penalty of perjury under US law that he’d never exercised control or authority over W&K.

However, it’s since been discovered that Wright submitted an affidavit to the Supreme Court of New South Wales, confirming he owned 50% of W&K, with Kleiman owning the other 50%. As such, his ongoing case with Peter McCormack may be the least of his worries. 

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