JP Morgan posts job for someone experienced in "Bitcoin scaling solutions"

14 Jun, 2019
by David Borman
JP Morgan posts job for someone experienced in Bitcoin scaling solutions

It is being reported by Yahoo Finance that JP Morgan recently posted a job listing looking for a candidate with knowledge of how to scale Bitcoin. Despite this, the company still maintains it is not going to be working with Bitcoin or any crypto.

The job posting is specifically for a blockchain director, but reference is made to scaling blockchain networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The official stated reason is for "optimizing how apps are designed for the future, targeting solutions that are portable across multi-cloud platforms to stay resilient, scalable and maintainable."

In addition, the company has gone on the record to state that this has nothing to do with JP Morgan embracing cryptocurrency. An unnamed spokesperson for the firm is quoted in the article:

"It would be completely inaccurate to say or report that we are possibly exploring or considering doing any work with bitcoin or other public crypto currencies... We are not – I hope I’m being totally clear."

It is likely the company is exploring tech solutions that are based upon blockchain infrastructure, just not cryptocurrency. A former payments equity analyst is also quoted in the article:

"They listed all these primitive tech solutions that developers are exploring across bitcoin... You have to assume they'll find a way to leverage that stuff with an enterprise solution."

It should be interesting to see where JP Morgan goes with this tech. If not a crypto, will we see exciting new things from the company? Stick with Chepicap for all updates!

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