These are the coins still available once Binance stops US trading

14 Jun, 2019
by Richard Allen
These are the coins still available once Binance stops US trading

With news breaking recently that Binance may no longer be available for customers in the US, a Twitter user going by the handle @remigoomba has posted a chart of which coins will still be available on other US-compliant exchanges.

Binance recently announced a change in its terms of use, giving US traders 90 days to comply. Users who are not in accordance with the updated terms will have access to their wallets and funds revoked as well as being barred from depositing and trading on Binance. The news comes a day after Binance stated it will be launching, an exchange specifically for US customers.

However, before launches, there will be a vacuum in the availability of tradable coins for those in the US. According to Goomba, these are the coins that will still be available, with the ones in white being likely to see a decline in trading volume.

Additionally, Goomba goes on to state that other Binance exchanges like Jersey and Uganda have fiat ramps, but, for the time being, no alts. The Twitter account suspects that will start the same way.

Furthermore, considering Binance is one of the world’s biggest exchanges, competitors like Coinbase, Kraken, Robinhood and Poloniex are presented with a huge opportunity to capture some market share before Binance can get up and running.

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