Binance Coin (BNB) reaches new all-time high at $36.36 could it break $40?

13 Jun, 2019
by Ryan Boltman
Binance Coin (BNB) reaches new all-time high at $36.36 could it break $40?

Binance Coin has seen a new all-time high today, reaching $36.36 and more upside is expected. 

The native coin of Binance Exchange continues to push the boundaries in 2019. Binance Coin is one of the few coins that has seen consistent growth over the past two years, even during the 2018 bear market. 

Today Binance Coin reached a new all-time high of $36.36 before retracing. The current price per BNB is sitting at just under $36 but with all the news surrounding the exchange, the coin looks set to break through $40 soon enough.

BNB/USDT Chart provided by Tradingview

Binance Coin has now seen over 500% growth in 2019 alone, climbing from $5.50 in January to its recent new high. 

Binance is in the process of launching their latest offering in the form of margin trading on their exchange, the latest feature comes after the recent launch of their decentralized exchange, binance DEX.  Binance also burn a percentage of BNB tokens quarterly which has proven successful in seeing the price of BNB continue to rise.

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