EOS Voice platform could net influencers up to $100 million

13 Jun, 2019
by David Robb
EOS Voice platform could net influencers up to $100 million

Block.one head Dan Larimer recently made a big claim about the possible monetization opportunities of the new Voice platform. Influencers on EOS' social media network could apparently make as much as $100 million. 

Larimer's statement wasn't made publicly and hasn't been confirmed yet, but the information was gleaned from a leaked screenshot of a chat involving the Block.one founder and others. The screenshot was shared by an EOS-focused Twitter account, @eosioAlabama.

Built on the EOS blockchain, Voice is likely to be pushed as a decentralized competitor to Twitter and Telegram, perhaps combining features of both platforms. It will likely take advantage of Twitter's recent controversies regarding censorship and account suspensions, which many in the crypto community are particularly against, as well as opposition its model of making profit at the expense of its users. Larimer's comment about people with 100 million followers could also refer to Instagram, or any similar platform where individuals can gain a huge following and become influential.

Details of how the Voice platform will be monetized are also thin on the ground so far. It looks as though its marketing strategy will make use of pre-established influencers, which has become an increasingly popular way to speak directly to consumers over recent years. It will be intriguing to see what the notoriously cynical crypto social media community will make of influencers being paid for their services by the team behind one of the leading cryptocurrency projects.

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