Former Google director joins the Square Crypto team

13 Jun, 2019
by David Robb
Former Google director joins the Square Crypto team

Square's new cryptocurrency-focused subsidiary has hired its first team member. According to a tweet, former Google director Steve Lee is now part of the Square Crypto project.

The tweet claims that "things didn't work out with Gary". This refers to the possibly fictional intern, Gary Fuches, who was introduced some hours earlier on Square Crypto's Twitter account. 

Steve Lee was formerly the product director at Google, so he has some solid experience working for a tech giant. He confirmed the appointment via his own Twitter account. It remains to be seen how his skills will transfer to working on a decentralization-focused project like Bitcoin, although the potential is huge.

Square CEO Jack Dorsey first announced that he would be launching a crypto subsidiary back in March. After being told by a crypto insider that paying for people to work on Bitcoin projects would be the best way he could help the space, Dorsey sent out an open invitation to developers and designers, in order to help improve the eco-system and hopefully make BTC approach the level of accessibility of his Twitter and Square platforms. 

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