John McAfee launches new trading platform, McAfee Magic

12 Jun, 2019
by David Robb
John McAfee launches new trading platform, McAfee Magic

John McAfee has launched a new cryptocurrency trading platform. McAfee Magic allows users to trade on different exchanges from the same interface.

Although McAfee has long been bullish on Bitcoin and a vocal supporter of the crypto space, he hasn't left much of a mark in terms of technology, but it looks as though this is about to change. As well as his new trading platform, the cyber-security legend recently released a whitepaper for a new crypto - the McAfee Freedom Coin.

As for McAfee Magic, its multi-exchange trading functionality is a relatively unique selling point that should make it appeal to many traders, along with the popularity of the McAfee name. An FAQ claims that the platform is "only the second software to be worthy of the McAfee brand".

The platform is aimed at regular retail traders, and should be available in all regions of the world. McAfee Magic makes use of an ERC-20 token called FUEL (ARB), which acts as the 'fuel' to help run the exchange and process transactions. It also requires users to purchase a membership in order to set up an account.

There was a slight delay in McAfee announcing the launch of his new venture, as he faced some difficulties from the local police in the Bahamas, where he is currently residing in order to evade U.S. tax authorities. McAfee also claimed recently that, on Friday June 14, he will release the names of a number of corrupt individuals in Congress and the Senate. This is the latest move in a war that the septuagenarian maverick believes he is now waging against the IRS.

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