Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweets strange looking Bitcoin 'worm' picture

11 Jun, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweets strange looking Bitcoin 'worm' picture

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, tweeted a strange looking Bitcoin 'worm' picture, which turns out to be an illustration of the global nature of Bitcoin transactions and resilience of the BTC network to attacks.

Pretty much the entire cryptoverse reacted confused when they were first greeted by the tapeworm-like image, tweeted earlier today by the Twitter CEO.

Ironically enough, the below tapeworm-like image is an attempt to illustrate real-time Bitcoin transactions across the globe, and is actually designed to 'help us' visualize big data and make sense of it in a social fashion, at least according to Imperial College London’s Dr. David Birch who tried to explain the image in the Financial Times.

It took crypto Twitter a while to figure out what Jack Dorsey was implying by tweeting out this illustration.

However, there was at least one Twitter user who was quick to reveal the true nature of the 'bizarre' image.

Although it is still unclear why Dorsey shared this tweet, many replied by thanking the Twitter CEO for continuing to raise awareness.

Others took the funny approach.

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