Tense standoff between John McAfee and Bahamian police officer

11 Jun, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Tense standoff between John McAfee and Bahamian police officer

Presidental candidate for 2020 John McAfee seems to be increasingly at bad terms with the authorities of one of his Caribbean headquarters. A feud between the cybersecurity expert and Bahamas Assistance Police Comissioner Paul Rolle has made it to local headlines.

In a tweet shared earlier today by McAfee, a rather vintage-looking scan of today´s physical local Bahamian newspaper The Tribune informs of a confrontation between the man who aims to take Trump out of the White House in the next election in 2020 and a Bahamian police officer.

Only a couple days ago McAfee, described in the headline as a “Bitcoin tycoon”, had shared via Twitter unconfirmed informations with regards to alleged payments to Rolle from several firms and a Venezuelan national.

The Bahamian police officer has strongly denied such accusations, judging from his responses published today in The Tribune: “I have no dealing with contracts other than to investigate alleged corrupt acts by persons involved. I have no business relationship with Fidelity Bank and have no idea of what the person speaks”.

He extended his denial to the alleged payments claimed by John McAfee on his tweets: “I do not know these persons nor have had any dealings with them or the institution of which he or she spoke and have not received any monies from anybody in relations to any government contract”.

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