Bitcoin searches trending in Nigeria and Ghana, according to Google

11 Jun, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Bitcoin searches trending in Nigeria and Ghana, according to Google

Interest for Bicoin appears to be on the surge in Nigeria and Ghana, according to data from Google Trends.

The queries for the term “buy Bitcoin” have two clear geographic origins as of late, according to Google Trends. Nigeria and Ghana are leading the table of interest by region with clarity over the third, fourth and fifth nations.

With regards to Ghana, the uptick in interest does not appear to be especially relevant compared to previous moments of excitement for the first crypto by market cap. As the graph below shows, the all-time-high in Google searches coming from the fast-growing West African country took place in the period immediately prior to Bitcoin´s surge to $20,000, in late 2017.

In the case of Nigeria, the current surge in searches for the term “buy Bitcoin” amounts to the second highest interest peak in historical terms.

As shown in the screenshot above, search engine queries about BTC had only been as high as now back in November of 2016. The surge in interest of the last dates is even higher than that which preceded the all-time-high valuation of Bitcoin in late 2017, which would rank at a third place in terms of the largest peaks of interest for Bitcoin coming from Nigeria.

Adamant Capital founding partner Tuur Demeester noted the trend recently, and he tweeted about the interest for Bitcoin coming from different cities, with the capitals of both West African countries ranking in the top of the list.

Some other members of crypto Twitter shed light on the possible reasons behind the surge of interest coming from that part of the world:

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