Hugh Jackman's profile used to promote new Bitcoin scam in Australia

10 Jun, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
Hugh Jackman's profile used to promote new Bitcoin scam in Australia

New Bitcoin scam that uses fake celebrity endorsements is targeting Australians. 

“Hugh Jackman retires from acting to promote a new Bitcoin investment that doubles his funds in just half a year,” wrote a new Bitcoin scam online advertisement that has been spreading in Australia.

The ads can be seen on social media, such as Facebook, but also on Google, as it also appears on top of the search result page for “Bitcoin scams” keywords.

“Bitcoin | Turn $250 Into a Daily Income‎’ with the words: ‘I’ve hit over $9,200 in profit after just a month’,” so the Google ad word said.

It’s even trickier as the ads are tagged as articles of ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), a major media company in the country, using pictures staged to look like screenshots from ABC TV and put quotes “ABC News exclusive” under the headlines, which has been denied by the media giant.

“We encourage our audience to exercise caution when reading social media advertisements and articles concerning cryptocurrencies which bear the ABC logo,” said ABC's representative.

Other than Hugh Jackman, the same scam also uses Australian mining billionaire, Twiggy Forrest’s profile, on which the public figure himself has released an official statement.

Although there’s no report on the fallen victim yet, the scam ad has a huge potential to “catch the unwary”.

“The reason I raise this is on weekend I had dinner with a major business person, very wealthy, smart, 50+ years old and he told me that if Twiggy Forrest is on Bitcoin Evolution then he (my friend) is going to invest millions. I was shocked! Normal people have no idea of these scams,” said a reader to

Moreover, another concerning fact is the search result for “Bitcoin Revolution and scam” or “Bitcoin Revolution and review” shows pages full of fake reviews as well as YouTube videos that show it’s 100% legitimate.

It seems the new scam scheme is not only targeting Australia. Earlier, it was reported that a Dutch billionaire decided to take Facebook to court for allowing fraudulent Bitcoin advertisements on its platform that use his profile.

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