Poll suggests that almost 50% of crypto traders invest mainly in altcoins

08 Jun, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Poll suggests that almost 50% of crypto traders invest mainly in altcoins

While many crypto investors believe a possible alt season is ready to take off at any time now, cryptocurrency analyst and trader, DonAlt, took to Twitter to ask his 105K Twitter followers how much of their crypto portfolio is in altcoins.

According to a recent poll by crypto analyst, DonAlt, almost 50% of the cryptocurrency traders who participated in his poll, invest mainly in altcoins, instead of Bitcoin, which is generally seen as pathway number one to 'life changing wealth'.

The Twitter poll results reveal that nearly 50% of more than 17,100 votes are comprised of crypto traders who invested between 60% and 100% in altcoins.

The poll further shows that 1 out of 4 crypto traders has either no altcoins in their possession or just a tiny portion.

One altcoin in particular, namely Litecoin, has been the constant frontrunner of the crypto market since the beginning of February, and with Litecoin's halving event less than 2 months away, many of the crypto community are expecting the 4th most popular cryptocurrency to once again lead the crypto markets to higher highs.

Many of the participants in DonAlt's recent poll, point to Litecoin as their most favorite altcoin.

Others point to XRP as the altcoin of their choice.

Without a doubt, if yet another alt season truly kicks off, the crypto market will once again be bringing investors returns beyond their wildest dreams.

Chepicap will be right their to report on it. Stay tuned as always.

Let us know how much of your portfolio is in altcoins in the poll below.

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