Rumor: Bitfinex has allegedly been caught astroturfing

08 Jun, 2019
by Richard Allen
Rumor: Bitfinex has allegedly been caught astroturfing

According to a number of leaked screenshots, Hong Kong-headquartered crypto exchange Bitfinex has allegedly been caught engaging in astroturfing – a deceptive practice whereby a marketing or public relations campaign is presented as unsolicited comments from members of the public, TrustNodes reports.  

According to the leaked screenshots, someone was asked to write fake reviews and downvote any negative comments relating to Bitfinex while upvoting “newsworthy articles” on Reddit.

They are then asked to take screenshots showing they’ve followed through with the astroturfing, with a now live review on Trustpilot.


Pidc Networks Private Limited, an Indian-based company describing itself as a “business service” company, appears to be behind the astroturfing scheme.

While speculation regarding Bitfinex’s use of astroturfing has been doing the rounds for a while, there has been no other evidence supporting the exchange use of astroturfing and no official statement has been made on the matter.

One Reddit account said this had been obvious for quite some time. By mentioning “Tether”, “USDT”, or “Bitfinex” in some obscure subreddits, a random broken-English account would respond. Overall, the Reddit community seems pretty convinced the leaked screenshots are true.

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