US-based users will no longer have access to certain markets on Bittrex

08 Jun, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
US-based users will no longer have access to certain markets on Bittrex

Bittrex announced that their US-based users will no longer able to access several markets starting June 21. 

It seems like the US crypto enthusiasts are getting lesser choices on crypto-related services each day. Crypto exchange Bittrex just announced changes of services, specifically for their US-based customers.

“Effective on June 21st, certain markets will no longer accessible to US customers,” so the team wrote on the official announcement.

Among the 32 tokens/coins that will move to Bittrex International are QTUM, BLOCK, DNT, HYDRO, STORJ and STORM, or as listed below.

US customers will be informed on what they can/can’t do with the listed coins prior to the June 21, however, after the date, none activities related to the coins/tokens can be performed by them.

Bittrex makes it clear that the changes will not affect users located outside the US as they clearly mentioned, “This change DOES NOT affect the availability of these markets on Bittrex International for non-U.S. Customers.”

“Like other industry participants, we will continue to advocate for laws and regulations that foster innovation,” the Bittrex team closed the announcement.

Prior to this, Huobi announced the launch of their crypto ETF product, which they clearly stated that it’s not available for the US customers due to regulatory issues.

Binance DEX was also said to geo-block users from several countries, including the US, but later debunked by the CEO, Changpeng Zhao, who said, “The messages being passed is wrong.  (the website) blocks certain countries; DEX (the blockchain) does not, it can't.”

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