Bitcoin worth $1.3m from the 2016 Bitfinex hack are on the move

07 Jun, 2019
Bitcoin worth $1.3m from the 2016 Bitfinex hack are on the move

Bitfinex exchange will be reminded today of the 2016 hack which saw 120,000 BTC hacked from the exchange, as the hackers begin moving $1.3 million worth of BTC.

Twitter account Whale Alerts has singalled several tweets indicating that stolen BTC from the Bitfinex hack are currently on the move. The account automatically tracks large transfers as well as stolen funds that are transferred on the blockchain. 

Recently, it has picked up several small transaction totalling $1.3 million in Bitcoin being moved to unknown wallets. It appears that the hackers are moving smaller amounts of funds across the blockchain, with no apparent idea what their plan might be. 

The transactions only total 172 BTC worth of funds being moved, small in comparison to the 120,000 BTC stolen by the hackers. The 120,000 BTC today is worth just under $1 billion. 

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