Bitcoin is created by man, Gold by God, and is therefore better?

06 Jun, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Bitcoin is created by man, Gold by God, and is therefore better?

Both Bitcoin and Gold continue to make their own headlines, but Chris Mancini, analyst at Gabelli Gold Funds, takes it to a whole different 'level' when he compares the two assets.

Lots has been said about Gold and its relation with Bitcoin, and most opinions are either for or against one of the two assets.

Today, however, we have Chris Mancini, analyst of Gabelli Gold Funds, who spoke to Kitco News at the 121 Mining Investment conference in New York, where he stated that Gold is more valuable than Bitcoin, simply because of its 'devine' origins.

'The big picture is that Bitcoin has been corrupted', Mancini said.

'It has been corrupted, because it is a creation of man. Gold cannot be corrupted, because Gold is a creation of God.'

Of course, Mancini belongs to an ever shrinking group of investors who keep on insisting that Bitcoin 'is based on nothing' and is the 'devil's pathway' to total destruction.

Just yesterday, Chepicap reported that the British entrepreneur and author of the bestseller '101 Ways to Pick Stock Market Winners', Clem Chambers, said that when it comes to recognition as 'money' and a 'store of value', Bitcoin outcompetes gold on its practicality and versatility.

'There are all sorts of reasons why I would want to take a lot of money abroad', he said. 'I can’t take more than $10,000 in gold, I can’t carry enough, it’s too heavy. I can’t take, say, 20 kilos of gold to the airport'.

Take a look at the complete interview with Mancini below.

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