BitTube 70% up in red market following Bittrex announcement

05 Jun, 2018
by Jelmer van der Dussen
BitTube 70% up in red market following Bittrex announcement

The cryptocurrency market is red today, with all but four projects in the top hundred going down in value. The market cap of the total crypto space has fallen to $330 billion and Bitcoin has seen a 4% drop back to $7400.

Other topcoins are down even more, with Bitcoin Cash, EOS and Cardano being the biggest losers of the top 10. All three projects have seen a drop over 8% in the last 24 hours. The projects being hit the hardest are Bitcoin Private (15% down), Veritaseum (14% down) and Wanchain (12% down).

DigixDAO and Huobi Token have seen significant growth in a red market. DigixDAO is up almost 15%, while Huobi Token is continuing it's steady rise, being up almost 13% at the time of writing.

BitTube, a decentralized video platform without ads, is having a fine day too after Bittrex and Upbit announced the listing of the project on their exchange. BitTube, still one of the smaller projects with a $14 million market cap, is up over 70% in a red market following the two announcements.

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