Blockchain gaming platform receives $1.8 mln in funding from Galaxy Digital

06 Jun, 2019
by Colin Hawkins
Blockchain gaming platform receives $1.8 mln in funding from Galaxy Digital

Galaxy Digital, the crypto investment bank, led a $1.8 million funding round for Azure’s new blockchain based gaming rewards platform, as reported by VentureBeat on June 5.

The gaming rewards platform, dubbed Smart Challenge, was developed by Azure and is reportedly allowing users to create and compete in challenges via the EOSIO blockchain protocol.

By using blockchain the challenges and challenge rules on the platform are able to be seen by all participants therefore users can see how they are implemented, thus making the challenges fair amongst all users. Once completing the challenges users earn “AZA credits” which can be used to buy in game items such as various virtual items, or currency.

Smart Challenge, since its inception in 2018, was designed as a platform to increase player engagement with the players preferred games and esports, through not only playing, but spectating as well.

The project caught the attention of Galaxy Digital and they decided to invest into the project through their Galaxy EOS VC Fund, which focuses on investments for projects built on the EOSIO blockchain.

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