Sun invites CZ to go to $4.5M Buffett lunch: 'Like turning down $1M'

04 Jun, 2019
by Jelmer van der Dussen
Sun invites CZ to go to $4.5M Buffett lunch: 'Like turning down $1M'

TRON Founder Justin Sun has invited Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao to join him for lunch with Warren Buffet. On Monday, Sun won the charity auction with a $4.5M bid.

Right after, the TRON CEO said that he would invite blockchain industry leaders to meet with 'this titan of investment'. CZ received an invitation, but won't go. 'Justin Sun kindly invited me to go, but I can't make it. Too far. I guess that's like turning down $1,000,000, assuming 5 guys going, lol...', CZ tweeted.

The Binance CEO continued by saying that 'I guess Buffett will be eating a lunch funded by rat poison after all, lol...' With this, CZ referred to a comment of Buffett, who said that Bitcoin is 'probably rat poison squared.'

CZ: 'Further, what if crypto entrepreneurs buy him lunch for the next 10 years? $50m at net present value, a decent sized ICO, lol... Well, careful what you wish for. It's good to be famous, people pay millions of dollars to educate you.'

The founder of Binance also praised Justin Sun for 'pushing adoption'. 'Now the whole traditional financial industry has eyes on crypto (and $TRX of course).'

'I actually think Justin is ideal', CZ continued. 'He is young, fun and respectful to influential people. I tend to argue too directly / harshly with anyone who doesn't like crypto, usually a hostile or quickly ending conversation, lol.'

It's not yet clear who Justin Sun is now bringing to the lunch, but Bitcoin bull Anthony Pompliano, who is a candidate himself, made a list for the TRON Founder.

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