New theory suggests Satoshi Nakamoto is "brilliant programmer" Paul Le Roux

03 Jun, 2019
by Richard Allen
New theory suggests Satoshi Nakamoto is brilliant programmer Paul Le Roux

The identity of the pseudonymous Bitcoin Creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, has become one of crypto’s biggest mysteries. With no one (aside from Craig Wright) stepping forward to claim the title, it’s likely the mystery will remain.

While many theories have been put forward as to who he, she, or they are, nothing has ever been confirmed. However, a new theory has been presented, suggesting 46-year-old criminal, Paul Solotshi Calder Le Roux may be the man behind the whitepaper.

As investInBlockchain reports, Le Roux is the creator of encryption software E4M and TrueCrypt – the cryptography encryption software likely used by Satoshi Nakamoto to safely store his 1 million BTC – and the author of a strikingly similar manifesto to that of Bitcoin’s whitepaper.

Additionally, Le Roux uses very similar spelling and language in his writing and is also a fan of gambling (Bitcoin’s initial code included a poker client). On top of that, Le Roux has been in jail since 2012, a possible reason as to why his Bitcoin hasn’t been moved.

Paul Le Roux has also been described as “a brilliant programmer and a vicious cartel boss who became a priced U.S. government asset.”  

Craig Wright is currently being sued by the family of his late business partner, Dave Kleiman. Part of the evidence put forward by Wright is Document 187, “Dr. Craig Wright’s Motion For Protective Order.”

Wright argues that some of the evidence that proves he’s Satoshi includes sensitive information about his ties with criminals and his involvement in their arrest. Document 187 makes also reference to Paul Le Roux, suggesting he could be one of the criminals Wright is afraid of repercussions from.

Now that Document 187 has been publically released, its speculated le Roux may be Satoshi and that Wright is in possession of Le Roux’s hard drives containing 1 million BTC. The theory suggests that Wright has spent years trying to crack Le Roux’s TrueCrypt encryption software but to no avail, which is why he’s trying to prove he’s Satoshi Nakamoto.

Adding to this, Calvin Ayre has set up warehouses of computers to try and crack the encrypted hard drives, disguising them as a crypto mining farm, suggesting Wright is after the 1 million BTC. 

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