Netflix series "How to sell drugs online (fast)" accepts cryptos as payment

03 Jun, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
Netflix series How to sell drugs online (fast) accepts cryptos as payment

Netflix series “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” mentioned cryptocurrencies as means of payment in one of its scenes. 

Netflix subscribers must be aware of a new series on the network titled “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)”.

The series narrates about a nerdy teen who starts selling ecstasy online from his bedroom in an effort to win back his ex-girlfriend, but then successfully becomes the biggest drug dealer in the Europe.

A crypto enthusiast, who happens to watch the movie spotted a scene of the movie that “promotes” crypto, although it’s probably not the kind of promotion needed, and posted it on Reddit.

IOTA is mentioned in the Netflix TV series "Howto Sell Drugs Online (Fast)" S01E02 min:4:44 from r/Iota

“We only accept payments in Bitcoin, Ripple, IOTA and Ethereum,” so it said.

“Not sure if that is the association we want, but I take it,” user Maxx3007 commented, which then replied by another user who “twisted” the meaning, “I know it’s horrible isn’t it. Right next to ripple.”

The “promotion” seems to work both ways as user DestinyAhead said, “I'm literally watching this series now and as an early investor in Iota and hearing it be mentioned in this series, with all my excitement, I paused it and came here. Signs.”

Ahh well, like one of the comments said, “There is no bad publicity,” right?

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