Golem Network expands to become a blockchain gaming platform

02 Jun, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
Golem Network expands to become a blockchain gaming platform

Golem Network is expanding to gaming as they announced their partnership with video game platform, Hoard. 

Some people believe that the future of blockchain lies in gaming. Golem Network (GNT) might be one of those that agrees with the statement.

The blockchain network is reported to collaborate with video game platform, Hoard. The partnership is expected to bring efficiency to game developers who deal with megabytes of code that require hundreds of gigabytes of infrastructure assets.

By building on blockchain network like Golem, they can leverage the computational power-sharing mechanism of the network.

Moreover, Golem network will also allow “subnetwork management from a single web channel where users can see the total capacity they can claim and detailed information about the node”, thus the first use case will be developed is a code compiler which will “unburden” developers from traditional distributed computing hassles.

The partnership will develop more functionalities in the near future, such as recompression of textures in graphic design and baking global illumination data, shadows, and static lighting, as mentioned by BTC Manager.

Hoard, on the other hand, will act as an advisor for game developers, while at the same time also serve as an external developer in the preparation.

If the collaboration succeeds, Golem can be a competitor for other blockchain networks that have become a gaming platform, such as TRON, Ethereum and EOS.

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