Upbit users are being targeted by North Korean hackers' phishing scam

01 Jun, 2019
by David Borman
Upbit users are being targeted by North Korean hackers' phishing scam

It is being reported by CryptoGlobe that a hacking group from North Korea is believed to be behind a series of phishing emails sent to Upbit users in an attempt to steal their private keys and information. Fortunately the Upbit team acted swiftly and as of now, no damages are believed to have been done.

The email in question claimed that the exchange needed specific account information and to use an enclosed "form" titled "Event Winner Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement.hwp." When opened, the user would see a generic looking information form open, but behind the scenes malware would be installed which would begin searching for everything from login information to private keys.

Because of certain "unique characteristics" found in the scam, security researchers believe those behind it to be North Korean hacker group Kim Soo-Ki, as it bears similar aspects to attacks performed previously against both government officials and reporters.

In order to stay safe, users are being told to not open any files from any suspicious emails they get. Furthermore, no exchange that is even remotely legitimate would ever email users asking for their information. Ever.

So far no users have claimed to be affected, hopefully meaning that more and more people are becoming wise to these types of scams. Will they continue to proliferate? Stick with Chepicap for all updates!

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