Cryptocurrency helps those in need via charities: eatBCH has a second location

04 Jun, 2018
by Paula D. Baciu
Cryptocurrency helps those in need via charities: eatBCH has a second location

“Eat BCH” - a Bitcoin Cash charitable initiative is working hard on helping those in need. eatBCH has opened several locations in two countries - Venezuela and South Sudan - where it shares food with those in need. Donations and food shopping are made using BCH.

“Cash is insanely difficult to find right now. Banks barely give you 10.000 if you're lucky after waiting for hours, and if you buy cash from the black market you have to pay a 100-150% fee. So if you want 100.000, you have to pay 200.000-250.000”, wrote the pioneer of this initiative on Reddit three months ago. A number of tweets and pictures stand as evidence for the great work other crypto enthusiasts are doing. According to The Merkle, eatBCH is actually a group formed by compassionate locals, Venezuelans and Sudanese citizens. It calls for the support of Bitcoin Cash and fellow members of the crypto community to make a real-life impact using the advantages of cryptocurrency.

While Venezuela’s own cryptocurrency is subject to some serious questions, this kind initiative is trying to replace the help that should arrive from their government. Tens of pictures emerge everyday to show an enthusiastic team, powered by the generosity of an even more enthusiastic crypto community. Each photo shows the date as proof of their authenticity.

Everything started with an idea and a few posts on Reddit. Today, tens of people queue up to receive these meals and their actions have also been praised by the CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong.

If you would like to join this movement, you can find their original post on Reddit, along with the full story and details of the procedures here, and the address for donations on their twitter page.

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