Traders weigh in on what this pump means and where Bitcoin is going next

26 May, 2019
by David Borman
Traders weigh in on what this pump means and where Bitcoin is going next

Today saw impressive gains not only in Bitcoin but across most of the crypto market. As a result, many prominent traders took to twitter to discuss the implications of todays price action and look into where Bitcoin may be headed in the coming days. We've collected some highlights, so let's have a look.

Many in the space were focused on the positive sentiment and making generally bullish predictions:

Some have pointed out that they saw this coming:

Others were just enjoying the positive market action and supporting Bitcoin for being a major mover:

Of course, some were preaching caution among this excitement, noting that things could turn around fast:

And of course, some are waiting for everybody's favorite contraindicator, CNBC, to weigh in:

Overall, the sentiment in the market is one of excitement, though many are being patient and noting that there is a lot more to come. In any event, stick right here with Chepicap for all updates as Bitcoin reaches new highs!

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