Qtum (QTUM)

Qtum is a blockchain platform created by the Qtum Foundation that combines the best features of Bitcoin and Ethereum in order to provide better use cases and functionalities for enterprises. Bitcoin is known for its reliable security, whereas Ethereum is widely used due to its Smart Contracts capabilities. Qtum’s technology makes it possible to create Smart Contracts on Bitcoin, which makes it a safer option for dApps. So, how to buy Qtum? Qtum coin is available on various global crypto exchanges, such as Huobi, Binance, OKEx, Qtum Coinbase and Qtum Coinone.

It has its own Qtum wallet, called Qtum Core, which is available on multiple platforms, such as OS, Windows and Linux. However, users can choose to store their Qtum coin on other renowned wallet platform, such as Ledger wallet Qtum.

As of March 30, Qtum price is valued $2.73. Despite the price declining in the last couple of years since its launching, Ethereum’s co-founder, many believe that Qtum price prediction is still promising. Ethereum co-founder, Anthony Di Iorio once said, “The biggest stake for me is in Qtum and VeChain right now, the two Chinese projects. There’s much more opportunity in newer ones if you can identify them.” The Qtum team and community can be seen communicating on Qtum Forum as well as on social media, such as Qtum Reddit discussing various Qtum news, such as development updates, event and new exchange listing.



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